10/8 East Village Wellness Circle: Social Resilience

10/8/2017 2nd Sunday East Village Wellness Circle
2PM- 5PM at
El Jardin Del Paraiso Community Garden,
311 East 4th St. NY, NY  (between C and D)
Free : structured as mutual aid.

“Preparedness”  Social Resilience

We will look at NYC Ready, LES Ready and Bike Ready.
What does Wellness Ready look like?
What can we do as a group and individuals to be prepared?
Participants can share their to-go wellness kits.

Image of Maritday Rodriguez-Montero’s travel wellness kit. One of two at least. More info about her healing and doula work. www.mhvdoula.info and www.amaritday.com Photo By Dee Dee Maucher

We can look at NYC Ready, LES Ready and Bike Ready … What would be Wellness Ready?Structure
2 gather
2:30 circle
3:30 open space offering, sharing and receiving
5:00 closing circle
Linger enjoy as long as we like.
More about the Wellness Circle here.
Order an every Sunday LUNGS CSA farm food bag for $10 before Sunday!   –  go to lungsnyc.org

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