10/9/16 East Village Wellness Circle


Oct 09, 2016 Second Sundays 2 to 5 pm
at El Jardin Del Paraiso Community Garden
309 4th Street NY NY between Ave C and D

Come share and receive at our next monthly wellness circle.

It’s free. We all participate and give it our energy and it happens. The natural by-product of us going to the garden Sunday’s snowballs into ongoing health and wellness for community. Participate or just come and enjoy the garden and Sunday serendipities.

Sign the mailing list when at the garden. Help it happen by adding what you like to do. We would like the gathering to have it’s own momentum so community mutual aid perpetuates :) We want to awaken wellness knowledge to help ourselves, each other and make garden abundance.
Kids welcome. Bring snacks to share if you want.
The medicinal plot likes plant contributions, help watering and please pick herbs but do not weed it. :0)

Mingle & share
Opening Circle
Host offering
Garden tour
Open space
Closing circle
5 pm
Luscious Lingering

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Who we are:

The EVWC : We are an egalitarian group of healers focused on mutual aid and cultivating access to our neighborhood communities to healing modalities. We offer monthly wellness gatherings at a community garden: currently at El Jardin Del Paraiso. The garden is a place for joyful connectivity and belonging, a place to share our abundance, our skills, our excess, our gifts as we move toward a more fun, interesting, resilient, healthy, and healing neighborhood.

Citizens Committee of NY is a new proud sponsor and Serving Those Who Serve is the proud fiscal conduit.