Sept 26 Sat. “Art of Wellness” Circle & Picnic

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From the first wellness circle 2013. Pass it on…

“The Art Of Wellness” Circle

WHEN: Saturday 9/26
TIME: 11-2 pm
WHERE: El Jardin del Paraiso
(large green space between Ave C/Ace D between 5th St/4th Streets.)

Hosted by Dee Dee Maucher of MoS (2nd S is invisible) Collective and Wendy Henry of Acupuncture Mobile Services and Community Relief & Rebuilding through Education & Wellness (CRREW)


We will gather informally to share our healing and wellness ways. Wendy’s CRREW will be offering Ear acupuncture and related treatments. We can give and receive wellness practices

We are creating a network for our resilience, our selves, community empowerment and health by sharing our skills, knowledge and traditions. 

Come to give wellness tips, projects, or plant some new medicinals, bring a salve with the recipe, seeds, a poem.  We will activate our senses and inner wisdom, ears, eyes and hearts as we get creative with wellness. 

Free yet if you are able donations, gifts and exchanges welcome. Offer gratitude as you feel comfortable.

Optional Bring a Picnic Dish to Share!

Bring a dish, a place setting like a cup and utensil, (waste-less) and picnic blanket. We will be on the grass or picnic tables. There are a few chairs. If the picnic tables are not occupied and we are less than 16 we will gather around a table in the beginning and spread out to give and receive.

Contact for questions and organizing and to be listed before 9/26.

This circle is participating with the Lower East Side Harvest Arts Festival: 39 gardens, 100’s of arts participants.

The Treehouse music concert after the Wellness is cancelled for Adam Purple’s Memorial at La Plaza Cultural at 5 pm (4 blocks North)

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