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MoS Collective educators are offering Restorative Biographies for participatory events.

We are offering tactile interactive story telling for citizen participation. It’s for kids and adult education in elder story telling.

– in school or after school
– with site specific activities

OUR MISSION is to infuse people with the visceral story telling experience of how society has changed over the generations. We connect to the past through elder stories to root and ground us in our own history.  We learn about the toxic decisions and good decisions our recent ancestors have made.  We gain perspective. First learn why we need to change. What we had and what we have suffered through.  In the future people can care for all people and care for the earth, which is in us.  We learn why we have to accept everyone as they are part of the earth and the same earth is in all of us.  We start in the commons and work together to restore the estuaries with a combination of engineering, science, lifestyles, citizen action and organization.

We are teaching people about their connection to the whole system of our body, each others and earth’s body.  Our mission is to educate the future users of this spaceship earth. The new designers will incorporate this thinking in everything they do.

THE GOAL is to use our personal experiences and heart felt stories to educate people on the benefits of humans to be humane, to learn, harness and design how to allow healing and regeneration. We give volunteers and teachers an awesome way to share their lives and love for the humanity and earth.

We all learn while having fun.  We connect physically to our past and our vibrant estuary we can see in a new light.

Radical social story telling and ecological restoration with biographies.  Let’s protect and revitalize restore regenerate renew kick start better earth care and better people care.


Services & Offerings
connecting us to the estuary

Restorative Biographies

and Bioremediating Biospheres


We offer societal story telling talks on Farming, Placemaking Design, Surviving the Holocaust.

Elder stories by Chana Widowski & Dee Dee Maucher

Culminating in students present interviews and documents of their elders here or even in their county of origin, to reconnect, for perspective, sense of self and place.


Biobikes & Boats
Bioremediating Biospheres
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Collaborations welcome