Mos brings people and groups together to increase our symbiotic nature without which we would not have survived over time.  As the containers named as MoS Town, Mud Villages & Ephemeral Piazzas (EP) our goal is to give people an experience of living in a regenerative community.  At EP’s are planned village centers where the collective joins together to offer the symbiotic experience.  We match each participant’s need with another participant’s resource to create a domino of productivity with as little waste as possible, for today.

MoS Collective comes together to practice our crafts and passions in connectivity. Weather it is farming, making kombucha, jewelry, seed balls or coiffing hair. The coming together is where we can experiment in living in a regenerative society. Like Burning Man, intentional communities and Figment Project we have town principles.20140924-162533.jpg

Combined projects that are in proximity become more inherently like a working village  be it on a grassy knoll or an empty lot — just the energy between people is all it takes – no fancy Italian piazza though that would work too.

The MoS Collective brings together people who already know Permaculture 101 and are working toward deepening their practice. We individually stay focused on our specialties and independent expression while finding partners for our needs and wastes.  We are widening our community and the group as a whole is symbiotic more and more as people take part.

One must practice the rules of the game. Every linked person is aware of the goals and it works like a living machine.