11/1 East Village Wellness Circle: Duvet Capes & Snow Suits

IMG_1537You are invited to a community Wellness Circle

Free 1 pm-3 pm

El Jardin Del Paraiso

5th St Between Ave C and D  in the East village


Diana is an Ayurveda practitioner and singer and Wendy of Acumobile and CREWW, on the right, will be offering auricular acupuncture.

Join us to give and receive or just give or just receive. We will meet at El Jardin del Paradiso
Enter second gate on 5th St.
It is between 4th St/5th St Ave C/Ave D.

As long as it’s not raining it’s on.

Come bundled up like snow sledders. So if you are moved to you can roll on the grass like Teletubbies. Bring your duvet as a cape.


Last time we had acupuncture, reiki, massage, chi gong, herbal plant tour, hot breath healing, and listening.

leaninginto_CIDD will offer a few exercises in CI to whomever is interested. Snowsuit layer might shed off at this point so have at least two layers.  Contact Improv is a practice in living beings. Learning it is a practice in mindfulness, acute listening to all bodies 360. CI is a safe practice to explore being into contact with others in curiosity, play, exploration of weight, structure, breath, our humanness… our being. Here’s an mixed level class practice. http://youtu.be/MPFVffgnmB4


dd’s Romper Jumper Sleeper. Order one today!

Snow suits: Cut and stitch legs into your sleeping bag and enjoy the chilly fall weather warmly outside with us at El Jardin on Sunday! OR Duvet Cape: Cut hand holes in a duvet.  If you choose to follow these suggestions, you will get hot so wear layers. Don’t call it a “walking bag” but a Sleeper-Romper-Jumper.




PERMALINK:  http://moscollective.net/WP/ev-wellness-circle-duvet-capes/

MORE INFO go to Wellness Page