Feb 6 & 7: Makers Market at Italo’s Bushwick

We invite you to a Maker’s Market Plaza Week-ends.


Hand made goods at Italo’s Bk Café, Gallery & Atrium space in Bushwick, Brooklyn, NY.

Saturday 1st weekend of the month:
Italo’s Bk
895 Broadway
Brooklyn NY, 11206

The Market at Italo’s will be the same vibrancy as MoS Collective’s MudBall Ball at the community garden. Visitors will enjoy shopping for gifts, making by helping activity offerings, live music, great coffee, food and drinks, wellness, art, music, making, and teaching.  Maybe bring music, where majestic gowns and capes, diy, wellness services, hair cuts, acupuncture, product sales, pizza for the piazza, product making, busking or skill share? Tell us what you want to offer or just come by.


Let’s build our neighborhood economy and make serendipity weekends!

This will be a monthly event, then bi-monthly then weekly as and if participation and interest builds.

Share link:  

Screen Shot 2015-07-21 at 12.02.50 AM

Bee with us as non-sellers:

– teachers
– sharers
– mentors
– observers
– expansive random interactivity
– actors for an unfolding and on going dialog

Yes, I have an activity

Send an email detailing your offering.


2 days:  $30 by the 30th of the month,  then 2 days $45  or 1 day $25.

We have little café tables that push together, also we have chairs. Feel free to bring your own table. Participants will be shaping what it will be.Make an appointment to discuss participation and visit: Contact us

Yes, I want to be a vendor!



banner-mos“The Beneficial MudBall* Ball & The Ephemeral Piazza: a celebration of symbiosis & bioremediation” many of you know MoS hosts this similar happening in an East Village community garden full of activities. Maker’s trade or gift their products and gift their by-products. The event is put on by the MoS Collective community group of ecological living system designers (Moscollective.net). Mark calendars for the MudBall Ball & Piazza: Sunday May 22, 2016 in an East Village garden.

**A Mud Ball*** is
a dry fermented ball of dirt made with EM-1 beneficial effective microorganisms.
EM eats waste and leave behind vitamins minerals enzymes amino acids and more.
Mudballs kick start the ecosystem. People also like to help make them and participate in helping clean the waterways around them.
Microorganisms can heal our watershed and in combination with other bioremediation activities it wont take so much money or time.

***Mudball Recipe.



Photos from 12/19 market at Italo’s Bk, 895 Braodway, BK NY.