MôS in Brief

In brief, MôS (‘moss’), MôS stands for “Masters of Succession. MôS participants do what they want to do with one guiding rule: what we do must be of beneficial succession toward the air, water, soil and self.  Our work is based in whole systems thinking. Participants instead of leaving behind toxic ripples in our wake we leave a better trace. It creates a great quality of life with many connected villages and towns interconnected.

MôS Collective is a like-minded community of individuals that work toward the beneficial succession of air, water and soil and people as a by-product of our lifestyles. We use the concepts of Permaculture, Biomimicry, and symbiosis, embodiment, restoration, regeneration to focus on local quality of life.


Offer what you want.  MôS is comprised of those who are participating when they participate.

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Let’s embody more fulfilling relationships to ourselves, others and the earth. Join us with your vision and participation to make spaces with nature as our teacher, resilient, efficient, ecological, nurturing, connected, empathic and compassionate

A society in a well designed biome spills forth freely with a healthy flow for all. We barely have to organize ourselves with a good starting point. In social ecological design we are in sync with nature, rooted so symbiotic serendipities occur.

The Ephemeral Piazza

(plaza not pizza but pizza is good in piazzas)

Participate in the weaving and interconnecting of our ephemeral village center, plaza, piazza.  Invite us to make a piazza pizza program at an ecologically mindful event.

MôS Town is a collaborative experimental utopia that benefits from other’s work, experiments and passions. Then you will be networked in and grow.

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The Name Story

“Masters of Succession” is a spin-off of the term “Master of Composting,” a certification program. We thought, why not have the Masters of Air, Water & Soil .. and People? “Why not be Masters of the Universe?”, we laughed.  Super heroes, scholars and “emp”erial royalty.  Since MôS is both creatively ridiculous and seriously serious—this title is appropriate. So we had a name for an offering for Figment Festival 2010.  Our first collective activity was a weekend of arts celebration on Governors Island, NYC, which we collaborated with Earth Matter, compost education facility on the island, to pick up compost and teach about different types of soil production in serious and ridiculous ways.

Succession verses Succession

MôS is not pursuit a succession of Monarchs, Queens and figureheads, but frogs, bees and butterflies.  Everyone in The Archy designs toward healthier air, water and soil to create a spiral of beneficial succession.  Like when food waste makes soil better, which grows better crops, which makes more food waste to add to the soil to make better soil for even better food!   (Terra Preta soil Wiki definition)

Symbiosis: freedom and collaboration

Symbiosis is when one thing thrives off the other in mutual benefit. Masters of Succession live with the understanding that we are an interconnected whole. We are responsible to design with that understanding. We are connected as autonomous individuals in a village where we can support each other in more ways than we realize with intentional design systems.

The Ephemeral Piazza in MôS Town

The Ephemeral Piazza happens once a year when MôS Collective comes together to experience this symbiotic connectivity of each other as succession makers in serendipitous relationships. It is an experiment, a place to not only survive, but to thrive. Can we have a place to give fully our gifts (or to find out what they are). If we could do whatever we wanted day to day what benefit would we offer the community?  In MôS Town, our satisfactory individual offerings work in concert, in connection with other individuals. We are an inherently a great big machine of purposeful moving parts affecting one another.

We focus on a heightened quality of living today by taking care of our place and a regenerative abundant future where one action begets another.

A Mycelial Network

(wiki definition) laced below the surface of the soil, breathing oxygen and coordinating the health of the earth’s fascia.

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