The MudBall Ball 2017

Sunday, May 21

2:30 -7:30 pm

El Jardin Del Paraiso

Next to 309 4th St btwn Ave C/Ave D

It’s The Beneficial MudBall Beneficial Ball

A co-created community celebration of Lifestyles of Bioremediation and Symbiosis in a village where everything we do supports the beneficial succession of air, water and soil.

2:30pm Barn Raising: building the villages and town square

3:15pm  Opening sensoral experience: not to be missed.

3:30pm Town Hubbub

• Each year we make plan 1000 bioremediating EM-1 mud balls (more like 400). They are dried and ferment with a specific combination of beneficial microbes that have been revitalizing polluted water ways around the world for decades. We toss them into the water at the annual Figment Project festival on Govenors Island.  (for more on mudballs:
• Kevin Nathaniel, Tomchess and friends will be playing with traditional instruments.
• We will be introducing the summer monthly East Village Wellness Circle and a new educational Biophilic Biosphere Series.
• Join the mutual aid circle of healers with neighbors and friends. All are welcome to offer or receive. There will be activity around the medicinal plot.
• You are invited to offer revitalizing spherical food to match the many bioremediating spheres we have that revitalize the earth.

Music by Kevin Nathanial & Tomchess, natural healing services with East Village Wellness Circle & Acumobile launching Summer & Fall Second Sunday’s A free monthly wellness circle at this garden. LES history by MoRus Museum (poster exhibit), 596 Acres El Jardin audio story, Loisaida (mural exhibit) visiting poppeteers, environmental regerneration by Shig, Rebekah,, ball attire by dd, James, Sonia, Somatics by Joanne & PremaSoma, town bulleton tree by Stewart. -update coming.

What are mini villages?

They have 2 or more people in symbiosis. A group that makes a series of connected actions. For example there will be a musical singing spiral: someone writes a poem that someone puts to music, that someone sings, that unfolds more life to write more poetry — it’s an unending spiral.

We are parts that interconnect?

Take a tour of the community garden, tour of the town of villages as an exhibition with MoRUS,  596 Acres offers an audio history of how this garden was formed of 12 lots. Put your dish on the table:  Joanne’s Foodvillage table for food and stories from all of us, craft parade puppets in Puppetopia for Loisaida Festival 4/30, make mud balls with Shig and the Empathic World for better water for our better fish, oysters to eat, bake with Jack’s solar oven, Shig’s or Vandra’s bokashi making starter for composter for better soil for better food, Kappo Kappino’s Recycle & Pray, dd’s drape capes, hoops &  to wear for the Beneficial Ball, Lisa’s compostable gala hats, looking for lots more red string in which to tangle tango.

Suggestions: be you

• are a publisher… the start the Town Crier to offer the daily news with a map center fold for citizen map making & notes

• Dance improvisers to add layers of metaphor

• You love to cut hair? Be a hair dresser for the ball: We offer hair trimmings for oil clean up and mushroom grower. (“Hair booms” pull oil off water surface.)

•  Musician? Be a facilitator of natural sound makers out of found garden material.

        • organize a village procession of musicians

drumm for closing.

• Love phosphorescent life, Grow it.

 6pm The Evening Celebration: put on your ball gowns, wear your garden clodhoppers as we celebrate our lifestyle of bioremediation and symbiosis.

• Kick off The Wellness Circle of East Village : 2nd Sunday  at the garden. Lifestyles that healing people & planet.

 7pm Procession to Water  after which we have a twilight Closing Ceremony.

Check out the

Bring a mug, a spork, a hanky, a dish if you wish, some spherical food.

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2:30 to 3:15ish pm: “BARN RAISING”: join us as we co-create the plaza, mingle and munch.
3:00-3:30 Opening Ceremonies to Experience, create, set intentions. Games to explain. We smoothly escalate into…
3:30-5:30pm: “THE EPHEMERAL PIAZZAS and Town Square” We share food (it’s a picnic potluck-potlatch), relax on a blanket, receive acupuncture, sip detox tea, and make bioremediating mud balls and seed balls.  Oysters $1 & wine $3. Save oyster shells to be used in many resourceful ways.
4:30  Music by Kevin Nathaiel Hylton and Tomchess with their traditional instruments
5:45  Town Crier cries. Village introductions


We morph the piazza into the village ball. If you are not dressed, optionally get gussied up for a fancy pants procession to the East River. We use natural instruments to create a union of harmonic flow to the water.  There we honor the water stewards that have passed and throw spent shells in to create an oyster reef. The stories continue to unfold, the frog princess denounces the crown and we return to the pond.
7:00pm PROCESSION: The purpose of our waterway procession is to bring awareness into the community of our connection to the water and better understanding of how we can be empowered with this information and individually be a part of our environment.  The saved oyster shells are tossed into the river to help revitalize the waterway (and recent oil spill!) . Oysters and mudballs are bioremediators!

We procession back to our oasis for Closing Ceremony.

7:30 CLOSING CEREMONY: we connect to earth and each other for an unspoken farewell to the day. Bring your cultural drums and be your dreams.
Co-creators stays to help us leave a better trace. Longer longer for impromptu music jam after it ends