Join MôS Collective Lifestyles of Bioremediation & Symbiosis


A Wellness Circle:  Second Sundays:  Sharing connecting, being groovy circle:  a give, receive wellness or both event.
The East Village Wellness Circle on FB

A Mud Ball Challenge:  Make beneficial EM-1 mud balls
30k Mud balls?
1. Be in a bioremediators group!
Host at your garden a Mud Ball making for 1000 (approx 4 hour meet up with 10 ppl).
3. Come to a workshop
4. We can help you make mudballs with favorite group, party or event.
Join Hpmmmm   #WaterIsLife

Mos Collective  (check Twitter & instagram too)
East Village Wellness Circle

East Village Wellness Circle:
2- 5pm at a community garden outside &  winter inside. Every 2nd Sundays of the month.

Winter Location Feb & March!  428 E 10th St . Between C/D: 2-5pm

– Sun February 11  10th St co-working   2-5pm   Facebook invite
– Sun March 11 10th St co-working   2-5pm    Facebook invite

– Sun April 08 2nd Sundays East Village Wellness Circle: 2-5pm free. El Jardin del Paraiso: Next to 309 E. 4th st. NYC

– Sun May 13  2nd Sundays East Village Wellness Circle: 2-5pm free. El Jardin del Paraiso: Next to 309 E. 4th st. NYC

All the dates in one FB event post (new option)

❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ Affiliated Events


El Semillero Benefit Launch Celebration (Maker Space)
Tuesday, February 27th
6:30 pm – 9:30 pm
Purchase tickets: $50 investment in the space:
El Semillero is what we call the new Latino-Led 2018 Media & Technology maker space for the community.

Feb. 24, 2018 to May 09, 2018


MoS participants are making an eco sculpture with phyto myco micro moss & mollusk materials/ingredients.

Wednesday’s 6-9pm (costume with artist Michele Brody) 
Saturday’s 12-4pm (puppet with artist Lucrecia Novoa)
 free – sign up to register!
@ Losaida Inc. Center- 710 East 9th St. (btwn. Aves C & D)

April 22, 2018

All Gardens Spring Awakening Celebration: we might  be making seedballs and mud balls or working with community to make ecological sculptures.

May 12, 2018 
(rain date Sunday May 13)

Ecological City Procession of Pageantry.
East Village Wellness Circle (you Are invited) is participating in the Ecological City Pageant through Lower East Side. We can anoint the masses as they parade through El Jardin del Paraiso.

May 30, Sunday

Annual Loisaida Parade and festival : we help make costumes and parade.

❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ CALENDAR 2018

MArCH 2018
Kayak Volunteers: help w Boys & Girls Club indoor Pool kayak classes Saturday’s March to June. To volunteer click
3/11 East Village Wellnesss Circle
At 428 E 10th St . Between C/D
3/30 Come Watch Mudballs! : a 70 student Parson’s Sustainability class learning bioremediation with mudballs at El Jardin. To volunteer or sit in click

APRIL 2018
4/08 2-5, East Village Wellnesss Circle
4/22 Spring Awakening: SeedBalls/Mudballs bio:spheres/eco sculpture (experimental arts) to volunteer class click or just join the event. Link
Eco Sculpture w DD, of MoS Collective, for the Ecological City pageant. Wednesday eve/Saturday’s: eco sculpture making a goddess. At Loisaida Center. Click to volunteer.

MAY 2018
5/12: Ecological City Pageant:

5/13: East Village Wellnesss Circle:
– Eathdance Spring work weekend in Berkshires (free with enjoyable minimal work exchange)
– Bokashi Summer House by Shig: Governors Island. Interested participants click here. (pending application)
– 5/30: Loisiada Festival:

JUNE 2018
6/4: Figment Festival : MoS Stockpike of Mudballs. Ephemeral Village Plaza. Interested partners to co-lead click here.
6/12 : East Village Wellnesss Circle
6/16 & 17 Clearwater Festival, Croton Point. Camping week end. MoS Collective MudBalls (Bio:spheres & eco sculptures?) Times-up Bicycle Valet. Harbor Lab Kayaking

Sun 8/5 – 8/9: Two Row Camp: kayak & camp down Hudson River from Bear Mountain Pow Wow to United Nations Day of the indigenous
Wed 8/1 – Sun 8/12: Dance Camp England! Western Mass, Camp Timber Trails, Tolland, MA (We can do the 1-5)
Eathdance Fall work week

Past Events: scroll down

❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ Community Schedules!

Shig’s for bokashi classes
Loisaida Center & on FB maybe more current
Recycle and pray (Kappo Kappino/Rolando) Women’s Art Coop in Delhi India: waste to art
596 Permaculture education
Bk Permi Meet-up
NYC Permi meet-up:
Old Stone House Permaculture Brooklyn events and education
Public Space Party
Women In Permaculture of the North East:  NEWIP
PINE: Permaculture I. North East
Children’s Magical Garden
Nyccgc: NYC Community Garden Coalition
Utopia School
Bushwick City Farm
BOP Billion Oyster Project
Brooklyn North River Boat Club
The Commons on Atlantic Ave

Parsoms School of Design Sustainability Curriculum
Metropolitan Waterfront Alliance
EartthMatter Compost Education
Flower Power



– Sun February: 2nd Sundays East Village Wellness Circle: 2-5pm free.
Happiness Journal and Calendula Infusion

– Sun January: 2nd Sundays East Village Wellness Circle: 2-5pm free: Tamalpa Expressive arts, Digestive Bitters, acupuncture at Avenue C Studio.

Past 2017

– Sun December: 2nd Sundays East Village Wellness Circle: 2-5pm free.  indoor plant swap & clipping propagation, acupuncture,, massage, weaving at LUNGS office

– Sun November 12 2nd Sundays East Village Wellness Circle: 2-5pm free. El Jardin del Paraiso: Next to 309 E. 4th st. NYC

– Sun October 08 2nd Sundays East Village Wellness Circle: 2-5pm free. El Jardin del Paraiso: Next to 309 E. 4th st. NYC

- September 22-24  Weekend: LUNGS Harvest Arts Festival Weekend! Free in the Loisaida Community Gardens! We are offering The Art of Wellness, Mudballs and participants in the Loisaida Center and Morus Garbagia Universe Fashion Show.
- Workshop fungi cultivation phase 2: fungi for community spaces gardens,  bioremediation and wellness.

Sun September 10: 2nd Sundays East Village Wellness Circle: 2-5pm free. El Jardin del Paraiso: Next to 309 E. 4th st. NY

Sun  August17-8/27:  Dance Camp: Amazing everybody camp full of new thinkers and some dancing. Founded 30 yrs ago by a group dancers from Boston, Freedom NH. Now continuing by the kids and their grand kids running around.  not just for dancers.

Sun August/13: 2nd Sundays East Village Wellness Circle: 2-5pm free. El Jardin del Paraiso: Next to 309 E. 4th st. NYC

Sun August 01-8/11: Two Row Camp Bear Mountain to NYC: to UN for Day of the Indigenous.

Sun July 06-7/30  Indigenous Wisdom & Permaculture Skills Convergence: Pine Ridge Reservation,  SD

Sun July 09 2nd Sundays East Village Wellness Circle: 2-5pm free. El Jardin del Paraiso: Next to 309 E. 4th st. NYC

Sun June 11 2nd Sundays East Village Wellness Circle: 2-5pm free. El Jardin del Paraiso: Next to 309 E. 4th st. NYC

Sun June 4 Figment MudBall throw!

Sun June 28 2017 Loisaida Festival  Ave C from 12th-6Th St

Sun June 21 2017 The Benefitical MudBall Ball: A celebration of lifestyles of bioremediation. Plan/Participate. rsvp

Sun June 14 2nd Sundays East Village Wellness Circle: 2-5pm free. El Jardin del Paraiso: Next to 309 E. 4th st. NYC

Sat May 13 El Jardin Del Paraiso Love Your Block Work day.

Open workshops May 5-5/28  Loisaida Puppeteers parade workshops  Ave C from 12th-6Th St

March/April/May Plan Mud Village Economy: plan utopian center w small businesses for the MudBall Ball.

May 14/17 Wellness Circle

May 21/17 The MudBall Ball at El Jardin del Paraiso:  3-7pm

Winter/Spring 2017

Fri 4/28-30 Earthdance Spring work weekend

Sat 4/22 LUNGs Spring Awakening Parade

4/15/17  Long Island City YMCA: Kayak Class in the pool   Seeking volunteers to help.   This is a Project where we are working on bioremdiation, habitat restoration and kayaking.  We are working on inclusion classes at the Y for grasping the basics and preparing people and young adults to go out on the river.

4/17/17   Swap, share Schnmoose with the Hells Kitchen Commons.

4/22/17  EARTH DAY Kayaking to the NewTown Creek Wastewater Treatment Plant for a fabulous amazing one of a kind tour. Go to the top of the biodigestor eggs. We have done this and it’s really super interesting with a great guide.

Sun. 4/09/17  Sunday: East Village Wellness Circle Second Sundays. 2 pm-5 El Jardin del Paraiso: next to 309 E 4th St, NY, NY

Sun 3/12 2nd Sundays East Village Wellness Circle: 2-5pm Free. 21 Ave C in the Community Room.
Sat 3/18 Pool kayaking night for inclusion w DD by Harbor Lab: 10-11:30pm  Free. 
Sun 3/26 3:30-5: BioBikes development meeting:  Reverse toxic legacy, teach kids bioremediating biospheres.

2/12/17 Sunday: East Village Wellness Circle Second Sundays. 2 pm-5
Feb. indoors at 21 Ave C in the Community Room.

1/21/17 Long Island City YMCA: Kayak Class

1/08/17 Sunday: East Village Wellness Circle:  El Jardin del Paraiso: Second Sundays. 2 pm-5 Will be indoors unless some weird warm weather occurs and these days that is possible. We will be at 21 Ave C in the Community Room.

Fall/winter 2016

12/11/2016 Sunday 2-5pm East Village Wellness Circle:  El Jardin del Paraiso: Second Sundays. 2 pm

11/13/16 Sunday: East Village Wellness Circle:  El Jardin del Paraiso: Second Sundays. 2 pm

On going at MoSLabs: Mycelium Cultivation in liquid culture

10/09/16 Sunday: East Village Wellness Circle:  El Jardin del Paraiso: Second Sundays. 2 pm

10/07-10/16 : Week-end Kayak Certification with HarborLab with American Canoe Association at Harriman State Park.

10/02/16 Sunday:  MicroRemediation: Hpmmmm (p is silent) Part 1, 3pm with Brooklyn Bridge Park on the Floating Food Forest Barge
10/07/2016 Billion Oyster Training with Harbor School and Harbor Lab

9/25/16 Sunday:  September East Village Wellness Circle: El Jardin Del Paraiso:”The Art of Wellness”  5pm at LUNGS NYC Harvest Arts Festival

Summer 2016
6/2016 Figment Stockpile of Mud Balls/ Throw
6/2016 June Second Sunday Wellness Circle
6/ 2016 Mud Ball workshop for Middle School watershed program in Williamsburg

7/2016 July Second Sunday Wellness Circle

8/2016 August Second Sunday Wellness Circle


1. MoS The Bioremediation Program:  Hpmmmm (p is silent) Program:  Help us with our mission: 30k Mud balls with the Harbor Phyto, Myco, Micro, Moss, Mollusk Program! Contact to be in the bioremediators group. Teaching volunteer teachers.  RSVP.  Funding for supplies received and we are setting fun bioremediation factory days.

2. MoS Mud Ball Challenge: We help you make 1000 at a party?

3. The Wellness Circle: Be a giver or receiver or both. For more info:  The Wellness Circle & like the facebook page.


5/22/16  Sunday THE MUDBALL BALL, #6 annual celebration of Bioremediation and Symbiosis. View page.


MoS Participants will be hosting & participating at the following events.
Our Winter/Spring events will be held at Italo’s in Bushwick.

3-4-2016:  Fri. Art Opening MoS ART: The Scene Behind The World.  MoS documented Art by dd Maucher
Italo’s Bk, 895 Broadway, Brooklyn, NY 11206.   Part 1 Biophilic Transformations with photography, figure drawing, illustration, painting and documentary art

Every Monday 7-10pm. Life Drawing Session at Italo’s bk.

Past Dec – March 2016

Every first weekend: next Mar.  5 &6, 2016: go to Artisan Market for more info and to register.

Bokashi Series

Part 1 – Jan 27, 2016 How to recycle all food waste back to the soil.

Part 2 – Feb 11, 2016  How to make the bokashi fermentation starter.

Part 3 - March 10, 2016  Advanced bokashi Inquiries:

Part 4 - March 24, 2016  Other uses like beneficial mud balls :   at Italo’s BK, 895 Broadway, Brooklyn, NY

Every 3rd Thur: Mar 24,2016 Dream Journeys 9:30-10:30 @ Italo’s in 895 Broadway in Bushwick. Third Thursdays  RSVP

Every T & th 7-9: Hatha Yoga at Italo’s in Bushwick : 895 Braodway, Brooklyn. FB event page is at italosbk.  

1- 21- 2015: Thurs 6-8 pm MoS Advisory Board Meeting at Italo’s in Bushwick : 895 Braodway , Brooklyn

1- 23- 2016:  Sat. 1-4pm East Village Wellness Circle : committee meeting: grant writing session- please volunteer to write a grant. FB page: East Village Wellness Circle

12-19-2016:  Makers Market Plaza  12-8pm @ Italo’s in 895 Broadway in Bushwick. Contact us to participate as a vendor, musician, activity, other non vendors welcome to make a beautiful afternoon experience. FB page Makers Market at Italos BK.


12-19-2015   Maker’s Market Piazza (plaza, not pizza) 12-8pm @ Italo’s in 895 Broadway in Bushwick : Contact us to participate as a vendor, musician, activity, other non vendors welcome to make a beautiful afternoon experience.

12- 20- 2015  East Village Wellness Circle 1-4pm RSVP for location in the East Village.

12-12-2015 Italo’s BK Cafe/space opens: a good place for people & a good hub for the MoS Collective.

11-27-15  Thanksgiving @ upstairs @ Italo’s in Bushwick

11-01-2015  Winter Wellness Circle: “Duvet Capes & Snow Suits”
MoS & Acumobile are hosting “The Art of Wellness” Circle again! El Jardin Del Paraiso 1-3 Sunday.   FB Invite | Photos   Join/Contact/take part

11-11-2015  Visioning for Smiling Hogshead Ranch Montauk cut off property at Nomad Cycle, LIC

10/3        Brooklyn Permaculture Festival: MoS is attempting an Ephemeral Piazza with the music, food skill-shares, hands-on fun at the permi fest. Make mud-balls, seed balls.   Calling all MOS participants.
10/10       Get together and bonfire at Myrtle Garden in Bushwick, BK ROT garden.

10/16-18 Utopia Slumber Party: Copenhagen Denmark — in a dome with Utopia School

9/25-27  WELLNESS CIRCLE Harvest Arts Festival: MoS & Acumobile are hosting “The Art of Wellness” Circle. including 25 East Village gardens and 100’s of artists. Invite | Photos 

9/25-27  Futurists meeting in Christiania Denmark.   Rolando “Kappo Kappino” is attending.

9/20       Peace Bike Ride with Peace Museum NYC,  Nadette and Yoga teacher. Long list of sites and poses to do at them. meet at Ghandi statue in Union Square at 2 pm

9/8        Seedball Meeting. UWS.

9/11-13  MoS Retreat to Earthdance Center, Plainfield MA. Community & retreat center. It’s the annual fall work week end.
Great time and wonderful people and food and nature and learning from this permaculture and creative living lifestyles from which to practice beneficial succession and inspire, share new ideas and hone old ones.   Invite | Photos

9/15       Seedball Meeting. UWS

9/5-8     Intentional Communities Conference in VA

9/5-8     Shinnecock Pow Wow in Southampton

9/1        Seedball Meeting. UWS.



8/29      Ay Mayo performing at 8pm 6th St Community Center between C and B  Sat at 8.

8/29      Harbor Lab Yellow Submarine Kayak to Coney Island. Planting native seed balls and beach plums, cleaning beach and painting partially sunken tiny submarine.

8/29      Block ParTy 9th St and Ave C.

Aug 1-11 (and any time in between): Schedule:  TwoRow.Camp:   Camp, Paddle, bike or and walk 15 miles a day down the Hudson: Facebook.   It’s a fun vacation organized by Ted and Anne Apparu-Hall, of, following the same course as in 2013 with the original Two Row to keep the paddle going and peace and care of self, each other and earth.  We will be throwing seed balls and mud balls, big potlatch every night with locals. Enjoy the beautiful Hudson river scenery with friends Invite

Fri July 24: 7:00pm 596 Acres’ Summer *FUN*raiser 166 7th Street, Brooklyn NY 11215   (Facebook)

June 24-30: Jude Hobbs Permi Teacher Training Hosted by Beyond Organic Design

July 13: 7:30pm - Movie, Music, Dancing and Performance. Celebrating the American Disabilities Act with Free Outdoor Movie “MUSICAL CHAIRS” – a Susan Seidelman Film (Facebook) 45th St Matthews Palmer Playground in Hells Kitchen Hosted by Chana Widowski

July 9 6 pm A Grand Party INFO at Smiling Hogshead Ranch

July 9-10: FIRST Urban Permaculture Conference Hosted by Beyond Organic Design. Free IPEC slideshow July 8! Register now at

Mon July 6 Celebration of Capt John Doswell at Pier 66.


More MudBall Ball meet & Eats w special guests: locations to come: try to make at least one if you plan to participate

6/19-21 Clearwater Festival: Mud Ball sign up at HarborLab at the waterfront and bike valet with Times-up.

6/14 Queens Compost Bike Ride by Gil at Smiling Hogshead Ranch

Sun 6/7 1-4 Figment NYC Gov Island:  The Stockpile of Beneficial Mud Balls and a Picnic Piazza. 

Sun 5/30: 3-7 New Museum: MoS with The Web w Seed Ball.

Sun 5/24: Spring MudBall Ball & Ephemeral Piazza

Sun 5/24: The MudBall Ball Set Up: 10-2: 3-7pm at El Jardin Del Paraiso. 4th btwn C/D Ave.

Sat 5/22: All day Prep: making cool stuff. 10th St/First 

Fri 5/22: 7pm.  MoS Mud Ball Series: 5 - Lifestyles of Biospheres, GreenPoint

Mon 5/18: 7pm.  MoS Mud Ball Series:  4 - Self Care: self/partner shiatsu,   Bushwick 

Tue 5/15-17: Transition Convergence Roanoke, VA

Tue 5/12: 7pm.  MoS Mud Ball Series: 3 - Art & Culture: anthropology movement,  East Village

May 7: Metropolitan Waterfront Alliance Conference 9am -5pm

Thu 5/7: 7pm  MoS Mud Ball Series: 2 - Physical Space & Real-estate

April 19: 4 pm BBQ. MoS Mud Ball Series: 1 - Alt Energy w x-up. at La Plaza Cultural 9/Ace C.

April: Spring Awakening Lower East Side: Go to (bioremediation biospheres)

March 26, 27, 28: SHHR Hoedown, Week End (LIC, NY)

March 19: Spring Equinox Jam (Plainfield MA)



March 5: Thur: MoS Town Hall 6:30

All Freezing February: Pick up Ice Balls from the East Village or LIC. Placing & photographing Ice balls: contact us to do a volunteer photo shoot. Winter Ice Balls are ready for a fabulous extravaganza. MoS Collective participants will bring the ice balls fixings.

Tues 6:30 MoS Games: Collaboration & Detox

Feb 19 Jamaica Bay Film Screening: 1 Bryant park

Feb 10: Rally to save gardens City Hall

Jan 24: Bushwick Italo’s Open House 895 Broadway BK

Jan 21: NYC Transition meeting : economics 15th St at Friends School 7pm

Jan 16: MoS Town Hall: Permaculture, Economics, Transition Town

Jan 16: Andrew’s Permaculture & Business talk: 388 Atlantic Blvd BK – The Commons 7pm

Jan 15: Rebuild by Design

Feb 7: Old Stone house Seed Exchange

Fall 2014  MoS @ for work week end retreat

Check out the last week of

Oct 5, 2014 The Fall Ball: The Beneficial Mud Ball Beneficial Mud Ball at Smiling Hogshead Ranch

Garden Celebration of Bioremediation
and Second MoS Collective Mud Village Piazza.



All SUMMER: making great stuff, growing and eating and playing. byproducts of our play heal the water air and soil and selves. We grow water, water, beach mountain eat enjoy.

Community Gardens: Garden, ideation, seed balls, mud balls, bon fires, eating, growing, pizza oven making-eating, biodigesting, building cool projects, Wellness at Gardens, public space interactions, yoga, movies, parties, invent, pot lucks, EAT, hiking/foraging. Planting, star gazing, hammocks, kayaking and good friends. Details and offer your happening!  We travel with or by bikes, ferries, kayaks & sailboats when possible.

Aug 20- Aug 30: Dance New England Camp.

Aug 1: Two Row.Camp with week long.

June Clearwater Festival: Bike Valet with x up.

June 6: Figment Stockpile of Mud balls & Piazza

May 30: Ideas City

Harvest Festival: Go to


’14 Sundays in Queens  Smiling Hogshead Ranch in LIC Queens. 25-30 Skillman Ave. Queens NY. Check their Tumbler page for schedule.  email to join participate or come to a TownHall.

Summer ’14  La Plaza Cultural Community Garden

9th St between Ave B and C. If non is there yet get started with the List of things to help on posted on the side of the shed and near the double gate/water pump.   email to join participate or come to a TownHall.

1st Thursdays 6:30  Monthly Winter Meeting Series 2014
Oct 2: MoS Collective MoStwon Hall Meetings: Connectivity. email us for location.

Every Thursday 6:15-7:30
MAKERs. Prop making and organizing for upcoming things. email to participate.

EM-1:  Mudballs and Fermenting Food Waste: Hands on learning • Shig and Susan process food waste at El Sol Brillante Garden, 12th St between Ave A and Ave B. They are in the back or in the Children’s Garden on the corner of Ave B. They split up all the work during the week. Email us to pick a time that is good for you.

• JOIN THE EM-1 group, send email to

• Working with EM at

• Help team up on proposals for EM Mud balls for NYC land and waterways.

• Fundraising ! : EM-1 Bioremediation with Mud Balls and EM1.
Raising funds to educate neighbors on the use of beneficial food based microbes to help clean-up the storm water run off & safely remediate local air, water and soil. Funding will be for producing Em-1 and bioremediation education and mud balls for the residents associated with the Gowanus and the storm water run off into the canal. How do beneficial food based microbes safely clean our environment?
First we would like to pay for testing with controlled data taking for Gowanus and New Town Creek water. We have invited Brooklyn College to do the research. BC is already testing the EM-1 formula. There is also test being done now at Poly Prep in Brooklyn with buckets of their pond water. That is seeing very successful results so far with the EM-1! The testing is not yet conclusive. By the looks of it I can’t wait to share the results.

• EM-1 for post flooding:

Request a Training of EM-1 for bioremediation for Disaster Relief. Class limited to 25 people. We will be basing the workshops off a program from past flood events: ie Katrina. Tested and proven successful on the 200 homes.

The plan is available on There is a comprehensive detailed instruction. LINK to COME.

It is Used to clean water, control odors, and break down toxic chemicals.
Spraying EM•1® on organic wastes (sewage, manures, etc) and on petrochemicals is an effective bioremediation method. And, EM•1® is so safe anyone can do it….and, everyone in a flooded area should use it to make a healthier environment.

EM-1 Sandy Relief page