The MoS Micro-Bug-Food-Spiral

Start at 1:18 to see The MoS Mini Golf hole #7 Initial drawings

Bioremediating MudBalls

Figment Stockpile of Beneficial Mud balls By Michael Von Patten

Village Building

2014 The Fall Mud Ball creating a village that creates beneficial succession of air,water, soil and self. Presented with Utopia School at Flux Factory, at Smiling Hogshead Ranch, with Public Space Party bike tour, HarborLab’s Photo bio blitz, Shig’s Empathic World,, TwoRow.Camp, Acumobile, Recycle & Pray and more. Seeds, herb salts, raw oysters, mud balls, growing mushrooms, rocket stove soup: A celebration of lifestyles of bioremediation.

Fall Mud Ball from New Age Beverages on Vimeo.

Figment Ephemeral Piazza With Mushroom growing, healing yoga, Soil restoration seed Balls, water restoration Mudballs, Mud Village transport. The Stock Pile of Beneficial Mud Balls with Masters of Succession in piazza.
By Matt Belen for Leave it Better TV

MoS Collective from Leave It Better on Vimeo.

Sustainable Direct Action Fashion Show

Cover shot: Acid Rain dress, MOS Starts at 1:44 with Kappo’s Feed Skirt, to 2:58 Bicycle Hoop Skirt & Tube Top

Bio Textiles & Regenerative Lifestyles  “Pirate’s Fashion Show” “Garbagia Island” produced by Loisaida Center

“Garbagia Island” “Pirate’s Fashion Show” produced by Loisaida Center
Concept here more details. Written & Directed by Zule Alejandro and Daniel Fabrizi
A post apocalyptic Puerto Rico.
In partnership with MoRUS/Times-up with MoS Collective participants.
At La Plaza Cultural Community Garden