WE ARE A GROWING VILLAGE: A village needs everyone. This is not just a long list. The offerings are listed near possible  connects for either needs or by-products.Participants (Short link to share: http://wp.me/p2bm5T-3hq)

There are skips because we are a tiny growing network. Join us Sunday to fill a gap here or connect to 2 people via your by-products and or your need. Soon I will add their by-products.
Become a participant villager or just curious: visit a Pre MudBall Meet & Eats

Ephemeral Piazza Individual Participants (as of May 20, 2015) Connected organizations & micro-enterprises below.

Bio-Blitz-Bike Ride: from Queens to the Ball: Gil, Damon, Jeanne. Needs: bikes and adventurous selves, knowledge of ecotones.

The Giant MudBall:
The rollable piazza statue. The Silent Advocate. Needs: events at which to advocate for an empathic world by understanding the way of the microbes.
Empathic World by
Shig. Attention toward an empathic world. Needs: Empathy. by-product: CO2.
: Monica, Anandi and Jimmy. Needs: villagers to greet.
Opening breath: Angelo Z. Needs: a crowd of diverse ppl coming from different energies and spaces.
Varying Garden Tours
: JK, Marie, Anandi, Monica. Needs: experience in the garden and curious people.
Music The Peace Now Dept with Evan Worlwind, Yahote  and Kevin Nathaniel. Needs: instruments, electricity & people that love music. (Other musicians are welcome for a mellow jam later. Maybe: Oliver, S. Moses, Jon R to Jam after 7pm)
Sound set up: Jimmy the Greek. Needs: musicians who want help.
Raffle Master: Shirley: needs: villagers to want raffles. DNA calling and Gil scribing.
Bioremediation Table by Jess. Needs: a master of science of environmental policy.
Times-Up: folding table and awesome helpers  –  bring a blanket on which to picnic
El Jardin History at info table with info from Paul Mankiewicz PHD
Map of flood zone: 1600’s map & GreenMap. Needs: a flood & surveying data.
Lucky Dishes picnic table by Sonia, Shirley, Joanne & Pamela. Needs: everyone’s dish offerings for hungry people.
Oysters Shuckers:  Needs more helpers shuckers & hungry people (Bill, Paula has two shuckers, I have one)
Compost with bokashi. Needs: food waste, bokashi starter and hungry people. (Shig)
Water: Pure filtered from Issy. Needs: tap water and filters, containers.

Soil building: Needs: food waste, microbes & worms for soil. (Shig)
Mudballs: Shig. Needs: Activated EM, soil, water, bokashi for waterway revitalization. (ballers welcome)
Bird houses: Marta. Needs: A EM, dirt, bokashi for art and soil. Kids love this activity
Oyster crushing: JK, Marie. Needs: Shell crusher, spent shells for soil. (crushers welcome)
Mudballs on half shell: Gil. Needs: Mudballs & spent oyster shells for water healing.
Self-watering containers: Sasha. Needs: plastic jugs, soil, seeds and tubes for tomato growing.
Cob stomping for cob oven: Greg. Needs: sand, straw and Barnaby’s clay from Allentown, PA on his land: Lanape cashe clay stored from 200 years ago for use in pottery!  By chance found near where he is building the sweat lodge. (stompers welcome)
BioHair Salon by Dena. Needs: overgrown heads of hair and fancy hair clips for celebration. (hairy heads welcome)
Hair-booms made by Dena. Needs: hair waste, panty hose, picks-up oil on water surfaces.
Mushrooms at home & mycometeorites by Gil. Needs: paper egg cartons, mycelium, organic material, peanut shells, hair waste for food & bioremediation of soil. (stuffers welcome)
Super Egg Balls (Available) by Ann who is not making them so help Gil make these. Needs: paper egg cartons for Gil’s for mycometeorites. (bring egg 6 cartons per one ball)
Tea & herbs by Irina. Needs: herbs, garden plants for visceral calming. (consumers welcome)
Play Slideways board game by Tricia. Needs: players for fun. (players welcome)
Acu-pressure “ear seeds” with Rachel and DNA. Needs: hands, knowledge, for compassion.  Needs: tiny magnet balls, hands, knowledge, for compassion. (ears welcome)
Bath salts by Marie. Needs: Salt herbs oil for relaxing evenings. (mixers welcome or receive gift)
Organic Oatmeal or Rice Milk by Pamela. Needs: oats, rice, milk, blender for coffee.
Coffee grind foot scrub
by Pamela. Needs: coffee grinds, coconut oil, essential oil for villagers with calloused feet.
Sitting cushions: Jennie P. Needs: hula-hoop and jersey fabric to weave for sitting on.
Clarity Center: working out life struggles in 30 minutes or less Needs: sharing, emotions, quiet, respectful space. By-product: healing, sometimes tears, a feeling of being seen by Lolo.
Peace Card Making by Nadette. Needs: paper, brush, color pigments and peace visions for giving toward mindfulness of creating peace.
Flowers & Bike handle Tassels by Ann Lee. Needs: scissors & stuff around.
Tear-n-Wear by Rolando: Needs: unwanted clothes – not to hand down for dressing people for the Ball.
Rocket Stove use by Joanne to heat water for for marina/Irina: Needs: water, knife, 2 tin cans  a match and twigs.  (made by Chana)
Avocado-Seed Print Skirt by Marina. Needs: fabric, hot water, avocado pits, knife*
Jewelry: Stephanie. Needs: plastic bags, structures, notions. scissors, Hair clips for procession.
Hat Fascinators by Lisa, Miki. Needs: hat borrowers for the Sunday stroll and celebration.
Mudball Krowns with Kar. Needs: Villagers to make hats w their stories w garden elements for self expression.
Typewriter Tales by Anna A: unfolding stories:  Needs: poetic observation, typewriter, ink, paper-waste. By-product: old ribbons, a world to document emphatically, Imparting stories, shift presence. and being seen,
Mudball Stories “Cascade of bodhisattvas words” by Bette*
The Story of Toad w Rolando’s Winter Flower Crown, the key to unlock a story to unfold. King of trash: Queen: JK,  Toad girl: Marie; Toad boy: Gil, The inquirer: Jaime Spacher*
Street Performance “Hot Air” (3:45, 12 min)  Needs: public space, Creating by The Living Theatre; science, research by Toti, more text by Judith, direction Elyrosa, help directing, Joan. Actors Adam, Jay, Toti, Robert, Hilda, Ely, Joane; artist Barbara, paint, cardboard and an audience. By products: awareness, visceral & visual transferal of information, release, satiating cultural hunger.

Painters: (AVAILABLE) painter. Needs: pigments, paper bushes. Gordon can’t make it.
Funny-money-makers: (AVAILABLE) Artist. Needs: paper, scissors

Procession sounds by Pas. Needs: band of processors and drum
Celebration & ritual words by Angelo.  Needs authentic expression.

Bio-luminescent Mushroom fireworks by Gil. Needs: faster growing mushrooms because the are not ready yet.

The Rabbit Time Management by DNA, needs: something to keep time. By-product: punctilious punctuality  with a balance of time for spontaneity and serendipity.
Photography/video by Jhon G, Annabelle, DD

•Did I forget you.. if so tell me soon please.
* not in attendance

Raffle Gifts & Auction
Kids bike from Recycle A Bicycle
Haircut by Stephane at Coiffeur
Bike Seat Stool by Nomad Bikes
Bike Decorating by Nadette
Lip balms by Phoenix Botanicals
Satchel by Marie
Crack (Jar of amazing homemade Chocolate) by Helen
A wonderful Pie by Annette at Organic Soul Cafe & 6th St CSA
Zum Schneider Beer Garden: Gift Certificate
Dance Performance 2 tix to Green Space Studio
Wrist purse by Kabad se Jugad
Queens Compost Bike tour 5/14 2tkts by Gil:
2 Ice Creams by Davy
Filtered water at Molecule:  unlimited for a month
T-shirt from Earthdance Creative Living Retreat Center MA

Did I forget you.. if so tell me soon please


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