Thanks Earthdance Embodiers! Until we meet again.

IMG_1401-apple-basketThanks everyone at Earthdance!  (MoS participants come next Spring Work Weekend!)

It was fantastico tempo as usual. Ask Andrea or Bettie first timers or Diana, Masters of Succession participants.

Friday night we arrived during Kelsey’s birthday kitchen dance party!

Bettie an I helped Permi Farmer Will harvest medicinals around the property, “chop n drop”ed the beds for winter, planted garlic, pressed apples – others chopped wood and fell a tree. We nibbled our way through the garden, searched sunflower seed harvest methods, ate and hung out soaking up all the goodness and delicious food by Ali and Jason.

Saturday ended with a hot hot sauna late night (hard to leave dinner conversations).

perfect afternoon for an afternoon down pour after conversational garlic planting.  Some of us went inside for an interesting workshop with a college dance teacher, Matthew Nelson and ecologist, nutritionist, Kendy Radasky. They offered us an excellent embodied ecology practice (description) where the last hour was making apple n cabbage kraut, fermentation, biodiversity in the gut.  They are charting new, very connected territory in somatics’ relationship to permaculture principles and fermentation, the thinking body.  MoS is also connecting the macro and micro but more in social permaculture context. We are working to embody and experience the practice of local economy to build resilient living benefits for ourselves and community and on out to the connected world.

Sunday night was a live music jam and dancing with John Hughes (web) and friend.

“This is a little utopia — we recharge here to go back to our work in the urban areas.” said one participant.

By Monday, Sunday’s rain brought lots of mushrooms for my visit in the forest.

A beneficial mud ball throw

Before leaving Monday I suggested a beneficial mud ball throw to culminate the weekend nicely. A few of us went to the quarry to  speak our mud ball intentions one by one. Plunk plunk plunk plunk plunk ity plunk.

Look at the incredible Earthdance schedule. Fall and New Years Jams coming up which fill up quickly. Kirstie Simson is teaching soon. Don’t miss any of it.  Great practice for anyone interested in building a emapthic earth based community.

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Next Volunteer Work Week end is to be scheduled last minute depending on space availability:

Also across the orchard check out our friends at the 9 Mountain retreat space.