The Wellness Circle of the East Village


The Wellness Circle is a free, neighborhood mutual aid gathering open to the public. It is casual container for neighbors to share their art of wellness, a place to receive and give, share tips, practices and offerings.

Mission: We encourage the use of community gardens as hubs for staying well and healing for neighborhood abundance and resilience on a day to day basis.  This deepens out connection to ourselves, nature and to each other.

MAILING LIST for monthly reminders 

People come to give wellness tips, projects, or plant some new medicinals like motherwart, nettles, elderberries, read a poem that helped you, practice new silly walks. Or just come to receive from one of the many giver/practitioners. What makes you feel good?

Always Free. Organizational volunteers are appreciated.

The East Village Wellness Circle:

A local Wellness Circle. Also optional potluck, bring your favorite healthy dish, cup & utensils (reduce waste) and picnic blanket.
Sometimes on the grass or around picnic tables and benches. There are a few chairs. If the picnic tables are not occupied and we are less than 16 we will gather around a table in the beginning and spread out to give and receive.

Relationships with self & others

About History:

The East Village Wellness Circle began in 2013 to develop community resilience based in community gardens to help each other in our wellness nuances. It’s a mutual aide tool. It taps into the multicultural flavor of our neighborhood and traditional healing knowledge, and reaches across economic borders. This year’s incarnation in 2015-2017 is hosted by AMS, acupuncture mobile service, MoS Collective and El Jardin del Paraiso. This circle is a space for neighbors to share their wellness tips. We have created a place to receive and give many forms of body work delivered by licensed professionals. El Jardin del Paraiso garden continues to welcome EVWC to build this growing wellness community. We create a place for neighbors to exchange healing knowledge of medicinal herbs, plant identification, guided meditation, poetry, movement, play, aromatherapy and whatever you may bring.


Community Gardens

We meet in community gardens (for now just El Jardin del Paraiso) with intent to connect with the earth. Community gardens particularly are a place to create daily, weekly serendipitous well-being. A place for people to offer their beautiful loving selves with nature and others. Gardens are like a parks except there is not government running the show. We are. We can plant our healing nourishment in that ground. We are in direct relationship with the earth and with the people who come in. We created a monthly circle to build this momentum, these relationship to self others and nature in gardens. An intention for healing, arts and wellness expressions.

There is Interest Developing in Hells Kitchen - contact us to get in-touch with that..

Kids are welcome

Parents watch them). It is a small space.. one room with an outdoor space.

Mailing list

Mailing List for Wellness Circles

Thank you!

to all participants volunteering their time and energy. Thank you to the practitioners for their value and local wellness knowledge. Thank you El Jardin Del Paraiso gardeners. Thank you Citizen’s Committee for supporting part of our expenses this year’s wellness circle. Our Fiscal Sponsor this year is “Serving Those who Serve”.

Want to collaborate with us?

We welcome partnerships and collaborators. We want to build village health rooted in community gardens and helping all of us keep well. We are available for  organizations interested in bringing this circle as a lifestyle to more people.

Some Past invites

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Sky’s the limit! in the past we have had:



Healing Tea

Herbal/medicinal plant tour


Acro yoga

Thai Chi


Contact Improv Skills


Hot Breath-healing

Relationship Building

Partner stretching






Dream Work

Whole-food Meals

Healthy Snacks

Shamanic Drum Journeying

Song Circle

Sound Healing

Essential Oils

Restorative Circle

Animal healing

Share fermented foods


tarot cards, I ching

old fashioned healing

Radical Aliveness/Core Energetics