TWO ROW dot CAMP every Aug 1-10: a Hudson Paddle to honor the Two Row Treaty

Figment 15: Thanks for throwing mud balls!
June 11, 2015
Sept 10 Earthdance: MoS Retreat Weekend!
August 29, 2015

TWO ROW dot CAMP every Aug 1-10: a Hudson Paddle to honor the Two Row Treaty

IMG_0671If you have a boat and boating gear or a bike or feet to walk 15 miles please join us. Also just come for a minute to say hi or stay for a potlatch.
 Two Row Treaty was created in 1613 between a dutch community of settlers on Governors Island, many to made a living selling animal fur to Europe.The treaty was to keep the peace between the two cultures on the river of life that sustained them. us. The river that flows both ways. The river the settlers named “The Hudson River”.
IMG_0656Both cultures agreed to travel on this river in peace, never crossing (step 3 of Heron medicine) as long as the sky is blue grass is green and the birds are flying…We can’t bring back the dead and I personally can’t give back land but I can keep the river clean. The river of life we share and the resources we share.
The Two Row Camp seeks to re-honor this treaty by meeting at the river every year from August 1-10 at the same riverside spots. We remind people of this treaty. We have a “box of tools” in which river town communities can use to bring health back to the estuary, the land, the river, themselves, their communities and the earth.
BEAR MT POWWOW – 1st – 3rd

CROTON POINT – 5th  ($10 camping fee)
NYACK – 6th
he Yonkers Canoe club = JFK Marina – 7th
INWOOD – 8th
UNITED NATIONS – 10th - See more

IMG_06541-3rd Friday-Sunday: Pow Wow Bear Mountain

3rd Monday: Launch across from Indian Point and STONY POINT Yacht club: 7pm pot luck–> night camp
4th Tuesday: Launch STONY POINT to CROTON POINT Park.  7 pm Potlatch –> night camp Night Camp $10.
5th Wednesday: Launch CROTON POINT to NYACK: 7pm Potlash ->Night Camp
6th Thursday: Launch NYACK to Yonkers Canoe Club: 7pm Potlatch -> Night Camp
7th Friday: Launch: Yonkers Canoe Club to INWOOD: ->7pm Potlash ->Night Camp
8th Saturday: Launch INWOOD to QUEENS. Landing, Long Island City Community Boathouse: walking up to Smiling Hogshead Ranch, 7pm Potlatch -> Night Camp (50 spots)
9th Sunday: Smiling Hogshead Ranch Celebration! Night Camp
10th Monday: United Nations
The information on the web site is from last year, the first year and only part of it.
This is a non-hierarchical, autonomous camp based on protecting the watershed and nature as part of an agreement made in 1613 called the Two Row Treaty.
Please be generous, share, be self-sufficient and communicate to coordinate with everyone else.  Understand we are all over scheduled yet trying our best to make this happen. All hands on deck.IMG_0665
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