Videos: Bio-remediating Biospheres & Ephemeral Piazzas

Figment Stockpile of Beneficial Mud balls By Michael Von Patten


Figment Ephemeral Piazza and Stock Pile of Beneficial Mud Balls with Masters of Succession in piazza formula.
By Matt Belen for Leave it Better TV

MoS Collective from Leave It Better on Vimeo.


Figment Mini Golf: theme: bugs: The Composting Micro Bug Food Spiral in action.
by dd maucher


Figment Stock Pile of Beneficial Mud Balls encounters the Little League on Governors Island

Richard Register : Plaza verses Strip Mall verses Shopping Mall. You can choose by try to find a plaza. By dd maucher


Eric Lancaster on Social Design and EM-1
by dd maucher


How to start a pedestrian plaza in a strip mall parking lot. Imagine one.
by dd maucher