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EM-1 Mud Ball Lesson 101


EM-1 is a food-based dominant microorganism inoculate for soil designed by the EM Research Organization in Japan and made in Arizona. EM-1 is mixed with dirt and water to make what MoS calls “Beneficial Mud Balls.” These EM-1 Mud Balls are used by civilians and institutions to clean polluted waterways around the globe over the past 20 years.

The ball shape is utilized because once dry, the lights, palm-sized balls can stay afloat until they absorb the water and sink to the bottom of the canal or ocean bay where they kick start the eco-system.


The biggest civilian clean up was in Penang where governing and power companies pitched in to create the “Million Apologies for Mother Earth” campaign, in which they cleaned their ocean bay in 3 years. The program continues until today but with a lot less EM and more whole systems tools.

IMG_2616-throw-kid-smThe EM-1 microbes, originally made for agricultural uses, fermented in dirt, work in polluted waterways, lakes or ocean bays where they add oxygen or take it out, eat the organic waste, break down toxins, bind heavy metals and excrete nutrients and thereby heal the ecosystem from the smallest non-microorganisms in the food chain. It has been proven effective around the globe, according to Dr. T. Higa, the professor and researcher that created the solution. “Throw in as many as you want.” If there is too much EM-1 they microbes will have nothing to eat and will go dormant.

Em- 1 Mudball bioRemediation reduces the amount of application compared to the liquid application of Activated EM or EM-5, instead of regularly (monthly or quarterly), to once or twice a year initially.

To bioremediate polluted areas, especially waterways (bays, lakes, rivers, ponds, etc.), as well as, contaminated soils or grounds (landfills, brownfields, etc.)

Reduces sludge, breaks down chemicals and toxins, as well as, make heavy metals non-bio-available.

Adds and improves the microbial population and diversity.

Initiates the restoration of the food-chain bringing back both plant life (aquatic plant life) and organisms throughout the food-chain: microbes populate to feed other microbes, feeding worms, tiny crustacea, insects, feeding fishes, birds, etc.; and all of their droppings, excretions and secretions serving as food and/or nutrients to feed aquatic plants and corals.

Can be a fun activity (throwing mud balls out into the water) and learning opportunity for the family and the community.

When throwing to certain land areas, some seeds could also be added when making the mudballs, in order to disseminate plant life, particularly native plant life, to that land area.

See also, differences between the two main ways (EM Bokashi & Activated EM) of cleaning up polluted waters with EM.


> EM- 1 Mudballs


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Mud Ball Education

We are available to work with organizations to teach mud ball making lina-daughter copyin schools K-12. EM Mud balls are a fantastic tool with which to learn about our bodies and the environment while helping the waterways. We also offer local education, collaborate with school teachers to conduct workshops. Our experiential activities are both fun and meaningful. We make mud balls to remind people about the role of microbes have in their bodies and in the eco-system. Other bio-tools are available to integrate in to lesson plans and after school programs.




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Information about EM-1 Mud Balls: .pdf downloads