1. Beneficial Microbes/Mud Balls

October 5, 2016
squish soil hands by ddmaucher

Swale Hosts MoS Micro-remediation Workshop

Micro-remediation at Swaleny.org the floating food forest getting into symbiosis.  We had a fun class in a great location for micro remediation talk. Shig described microorganisms, bacteria, how […]
March 19, 2015
#1 Beneficial Ice ball.  MoS Collective beneficial bioremediating ice ball that melts and leaves a better trace.   ©2015 Photo by dd maucher

“Utopia Defrosting”: Bioremediating Beneficial Ice Balls Placed!

“Utopia Defrosting”*.  Now we have a new bioremediating biospheres to add to the group – The Beneficial Ice Ball. Like the melting ice caps that reveal […]
November 18, 2014

Article on Bokashi-Vermiculture

http://growabundant.com/bokashi-vermiculture/ Copy this link or click more to get active link.
June 6, 2014

[Shig] EM-1 Uses Guide 2014 updated

[Shig] Guide for EM-1 Uses Updated 5-2014. USEd to: improve soil health (farming and gardening), b. Applications to plants, c. Applications to water and wastewater, d. Recycling food waste and composting, e. Odor and fumes reduction, and f. Cleaning.