Lifestyles of Bioremediation

Bioremediation, cleaning the environment around us naturally is inherent in the lifestyles of the Masters of Succession.

We often present these bioremediations experiences in the structure of the Ephemeral Piazza, a piazza of human energy working with nature’s resources.  The piazza is a connective web of energy exchanges where everyone involved has an important part in the whole workings of the village and thus create beneficial succession — not pollution and sickness.

Bioremediation Lifestyles can be with everything : clothes design • food & drinks • acupuncture • body work & yoga • making a cob oven then cooking pizza in the cob oven • making music • Permaculture designed living spaces • kayak trips down the Hudson River • spring parades • Fall Harvests • equinox plantings • hair cuts • beach rides • wellness circles • tea ceremonies • a zine of art • eating insects • compostable plantable kale hats • botanical body products • permi design card game  • unlimited decadence that also clean water air and soil and self.



The Villagers at El Jardin Del Paraiso NYC at The MudBall Ball Photo by dd maucher.

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