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BIOREMEDIATING BIOSPHERES delivered by biobike riders.

Feb 2015/ updated 4/17
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MoS Collective artist scientist educators are offering Bioremediating Biospheres for participatory events.

We are offering tactile interactive course for citizen participation. It’s for kids and adult education in bioremediation technology with the goal for on-going measurable results cleaning the environment as we teach. Student have a chance to design remediation plans for their chosen part of the estuary.

We teach how to make a variety of balls made of earth or waste, saw dust, coffee grounds, dirt and or clay. Simple yet radical and empowering.

We offer learning

– in school or after school
– with site specific activities
– group activity
– event give-aways
– with eco tourists: a photo op that also cleans water, air and soil.
– as rite of passage events: celebrations throw balls and make a wish. Place/throw a ball with an intention, wish, or as a memorial.

Unfortunately, note, the amount we make and use will not make a visible change to the ecosystem.

OUR MISSION is s to educate people with the knowledge of how natural systems work. We can use nature to inspire our design and help us clean up the toxic legacy we have inherited.  In the future people can protect our commons and restore the estuaries with a combination of engineering, science, lifestyles, citizen action, schools, cultural organizations, public private support.

We will partner with institutions to measure our results. Moreover, we are teaching people about their connection to the natural systems of our body and earth’s body.  Our mission is to educate the future users of this earth. The designers will incorporate this thinking in everything they do.


THE GOAL is to educate people on the benefits of nature to humans, to learn, harness and design how to allow nature to heal herself. To give volunteers and teachers a n awesome way to share their knowledge and love for their community and place.

We all learn while having fun. We make and distribute these natural balls, remediators. We connect physically to the watershed, our vibrant estuary as we get to know one another. A ripple of information goes out to our friends and family.

All these organic home made balls varieties  are cool bioremediators. They are super fun as Citizen Science Initiatives. Let’s move beyond our backyards and neighborhood gardens into the commons. Let’s protect and revitalize not only our back yards but also our commons.

We have spoken with many biosphere interested parks and waterfront directors that are also involved with restorative programs like the Living Breakwaters and Billion Oyster Project. There is much interest in educational workshops with these biotools.

Contact in regards to Booking/Collaborations/Partnerships.


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connecting us to the estuary


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These Bioshperes of Plenty Leave good trace: they leave behind a variety of moss, seeds, spores, and beneficial microbes that clean the stink and toxins as well as activate the space and beautify our landscapes. The residue washes goodness into the ground, sewers and out to the water shed.


• The Harbor Phyto Micro Myco Moss Mollusk Program
Bio-logically Hpmmmm (the p is silent)

1. Mud Balls


A small contingent of us have been teaching kids and adults about the probiotics and making mud balls. We throw balls every year at Figment on Gov island. We made them one year for City Of Water day, Water festivals, waterfront festivals, big events, — all go went over very well with the kids and adults.

EM-1 mud balls which have been around decades but did not reach international acclaim until 7 years ago. Now there is a successful global movement using these mud balls to clean up waterways and bays. Each ball has food based dominant lacto bacillus, yeast and phototrophic probiotics that eat the waste in the water. Introduced by Shig Masukawa.

Purchase Kit or balls Made at MoSLabs

2. Seed Balls


Seed balls these can be made in many varieties such as coastal, pollinator, pharmaseed: recipes by, varieties designed and developed by Anne Apparu-Hall and Ted Hall.

Purchase Kit or balls made at MoSLabs

3. Fungi Spheres


Myceliom balls to bioremediate the soil. We work with mycelum, place it in organic ball container to place in the landscape.  Gil invented using mycelium inside of Ann Lee’s designed Super Egg Balls which are made of egg cartons.

Purchase Kit or balls Made at MoSLabs

4. Moss Balls & Paint

Moss in balls and placed strategically for growing micro climates. We hunt for moss with a dairy product and blend it. Paint it on walls. This needs to be sprayed or in a humid area.

Purchase Kit or balls Made at MoSLabs

5. Oyster Eating & Balls

1. Bioremediating Oyster Balls are clumps of baby oysters. We learn about them and work with programs restoring the oyster population to throw them in to water.

2. Oysters to eat, dissect, learn, save their shells to give to EarthMatter.

Culminating in student design plans for restoring a part of the Estuary.

Contact in regards to Booking/Collaborations/Partnerships welcome


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Bioremediating Biosphere Education
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