Workshop Pics: Microbes at M’Finda Kalunga Garden LES NYC

MoS workshop Sponsored by Green Map and Times-Up!

MoS workshop at M’Finda Kalunga Community Garden as a part of the Sara D Sustainability Series.

Thanks very much for everyone’s support and interest in the symbiotic beneficials and their ability to create healthy succession by working together.

Shig at M'Finda, MoS hand sewn banner. Photo by DD Maucher

Times-up is working on offering free workshop series’ at many new locations in the city. Workshops sustainable future green jobs. Times up gives free bicycle maintenance workshops and would like to expand their free service across the city along bike routes and green spaces.

Shig Teaching Microbes. Photo by DD Maucher

The workshop started at 6:30pm in the light but light is less now so we ended up in the dark — which was fine. The videographer had a light. Shig and DD taught. More people joined in teaching others who stopped to ask.


DD photo by Jeremy Schaller

We had a lot of hands to make the mud balls — all sizes of balls. We had tiny hands to huge hands.

Shig's hands and EM-1 packaging. Photo by Jeremy Schaller

The gardeners from this community garden, M’Finda Kalunga, were  interested in helping decrease their rat population which the composting system has increased. The Bokashi method of fermenting the waste offers them a possible solution because rats don’t seem to like the smell of the process.

Shig Teaching Boakshi Method of food recycling. Photo by DD Maucher

Great location for the workshop in this by way. Some local kids came out and lots of ppl walking by stopped then joined us to make mud balls. Bike commuters stopped by.. seems to be a bike by-way.

Shig Teaching at M'Finda. Photo by Jeremy Schaller

A bike tour group from France had a brief stop and translation by a Times-up member. We connected with a Stony Brook Marine Science student who will connect MoS with professionals to take data on a few Eastern Long Island ponds and waterways.

DD showing the photo. Photo by Jeremy Schaller

The hat is by Miki Katagiri. Miki made an official beneficial mud ball hat which will be great to wear at all our upcoming beneficial mud ball beneficial balls. Check out all her hats on her web site. The inside of the top ball is filled with luxurious golden poms poms to which the MoS email is pinned. Handy to not have to carry cards. However, I can’t bend over or they will all fall out.

Our steady camera man and moon light. Photo by DD Maucher

A young man took over on the camera for quite awhile. He did a great job holding steady, zooming in on details and back to wide shots.

Thank Jeremy Schaller for his professional photography and Peter Shapiro for his professional documentary making. Check out his clips on