Ephemeral News at the Mudball Ball


Typewriter vision for Mudball Ball.

Next Spring MudBall  ball we can have someone tapping out notes about the present as it happens. On a very long roll of very thin paper that flakes apart and the paper leaves seeds.

Estella volunteered.

Thanks, the typist is critical.  Without the typist there is no typing. Now to make:  1. ink roll w plant based ink and 2. a roll of  very light, endlessly streaming seed paper on which to write poetic documents of what is transpiring — as experienced by the typist.  Then… maybe this ultra light paper, these flying word, will detach from each other in parts, float to the ground to be read… or kept. If left, the ground moisture dissolves them. The coated seeds sink into a home and a puff of white vapor magic manifests with an aroma of honeysuckle. Ephemeral beneficial succession. lol… yay.. We hve you and a typewriter so we half way there. The plant ink is doable now to invent a roll/ a surface on which to type — maybe dried of scoby? .. too gooey– part scoby part mushroom fibers, part … seaweed or dried algae? hummmm.   At the MudBall Ball we have resources of kombucha scobys, mushrooms, mycelium, clay, soil, seeds, seaweeds, moss and dye plants.


Great.. Rice. it’s not local but we can “import it” or even better invite a rice merchant to town. A combination of ingredients will be interesting. We could possibly add with rice some above ingredients that are products and resources from Mud Village.