Opportunities at Cafe & Event Space in Bushwick at Italo’s Bk

There is a new cafe, market and venue in Bushwick at the JMZ stop at Myrtle Broadway for rent called 

Italo’s BK: a café & event space
885 Broadway, Brooklyn, NY 11206
Cafe Hrs 7-7.
We welcome your creativity!

New opportunities we have in Bushwick at the JMZ Myrtle broadway: 

– event space Italosbk.com
– Rooms (shared and solo)
– Studio space to create
– Jobs
– selling oops: service and local food makers and goods
– undiscovered opportunities

When Mr. Kim, Watt Electronic’s Shop owner, retired last year the space at 895 Briadway was offered to Italo, who lived upstairs. Instead of moving to the mountains he accepted the offer. He saw the opportunity to create the village market place like his family had in Chile while growing up. His vision is a cafe, art, culture space and just a place to run into one another, enjoy serendipity and share lives. 

Now after what has became a year of non-stop gut renovation work Italo is gleefully open! Ready to serve you. Just a few weeks ago we started with only superb coffee and wifi, then sandwiches and now hot food (and power strips).
He has built a place for the neighborhood In which to grow life.

Ground level: barista’s, managers, caterers, local food, artists, musicians, maker’s, audio visual technicians and space renters.  

Downstairs there is possible temporary studio space (good ceiling height).

upstairs an apartment with two rooms and 2 cats. The bigger room is shared. The small is not.  

roof : needs to be redone soon so good opportunity for roof growing in the future. 

empty lot. Landlord is breaking ground next door: green architect to draw an alternative rendering that proposes to the landlord a more humanitarian living system design that would integrate with Italo’s building environmentally and socially. 

Stop by and look at the space! Tell us what you would like to do. 
Contact dd@italobk.com to make an appointment. 
895 Broadway, Brooklyn, NY 11206


Instagram: Italosbk


Dee Dee

  Event booking at Italosbk.com

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