10/3 Sat. MoS at the BK Permaculture Skill Share Festival!


Brooklyn Skill Share Festival


At the Old Stone House in Washington Park, Park Slope, BK

10-4 pm.


Feel free to add to the potluck of country pie, zucchini bread and butternut squash soup. Pizza toppings, drinks and more food are welcome.



Want to Participate Mud Village’s Ephemeral Piazza?


We are combining with another great festival in Brooklyn . Reply to me if u want to volunteer or offer something.  click  

MoS is part of The Park Slope Skill Share Festival!  Shig and I are skill sharing beneficial mud balls of course but also all MoS minded are invited to participate. It will be another piazza of brilliant interconnected activities:  With medicials, meridian pressure points, breath work for healing others (Ann, Wendy, Tracey, Jade), beneficial mud balls (dd Shig), to seed balls (ted), to mallow plant that makes vegan marshmallows (Wenting), to quinoa popcorn lilliputian size,  crock pot n solar charger, we need a rocket stove (not quite biophilic yet), tree somatics (Josiah) and hot breath work (Ann and Stephen).

At the Festival next to the piazza will be Skill Share by: The Gowanus Conservatory offering a design charette about the canal. tinctures, botanical home products, cob making, and peace Department Kevin is playing (from Spring Mud Ball) and much more. (flyer above)

– I may bring a few Ball costumes and regalia to play out the MoS(s) story.



Prep & Planning:

1. Designing Ephemeral Piazza Skill Share:  how to teach the mud village ephemeral piazza.

2. Hpmmmm (p is silent) products to sell. The Harbor Phyto Myco Micro Moss Mollusk Program. We need to make a card for each citizen “tool” or “technology”.

2A. Kits for Mud Balls.
Measured out:
• activated em-1, dirt, bokashi. In  Pottery would be awesome. A beautiful EM ceramic bowl.  Ideas welcome.

Screen Shot 2015-09-28 at 3.06.19 PM

3. Material
– Stamp more MoS(s) cards,
– print out mud ball recipe cards






Skill Share: The Ephemeral Piazza

The web of interconnected activities: How will we teach people the system? Like a puzzle, MoS Collective Piazza Skill Share team will illustrate, by matching one person’s resource to another person’s need, and how the system works.  We will look at how we can connect activities for a vibrant symbiotic, ultimately biophilic economy. We will try to get our IMG_9741-kar-rolandoneeds met by each others’ waste, excess or products from the same system. Not only can this be a zero waste event but a beneficial succession event.

Mos(s)’s The Wellness Circle offers tools for villagers and village makers.

More words: symbiosis, autonomy, sovereignty, collaboration, co-operatives, sharing, trading. The piazza facilitates more local gifting, exchanges of excess or selling to meet needs in business. Our livelihoods rely on each other and our bountiful resources.

Okay.. think it through and tell us what you want to offer. here.

Facebook Invite 2015 MoS Event:  MoS Mud Village Ephemeral Piazza at the Park Slope Skill Share

Facebook Invite 2015 Festival’s Event: 4th Annual Skill Share Festival

Facebook BK Permi 2014 w photos Event



Symbiosis & Bioremediation


Interconnectivity: Joanne will have the Abundance Cards in which to fill. We haven’t used those in awhile.  From which she creates symbiotes from the matches for the Piazza.

Citizen Bioremediation: Jess will be teaching people about bioremediation.  Ask her anything about The Harbor Phyto Myco Micro Moss Mollusk Program..



What if it Rains ?

inside-stonehouseWhat better way to spend rainy day cozy with lots of friends doing fun stuff inside the house or outside under tents. Mud slide anyone?  ok, not.  Yummy Butternut squash soup Bring pizza ingredients. The Dutch oven outside will be fired up with pizzas all day. Try foraged mallow, lambs quarters, goldenrod sinus tea… ummmm. Quinoa fairy popcorn.




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